About Nairn


 Nairn is a Victorian resort still attracting many summer  visitors. On the Moray Firth, an arm of the North Sea but with  prevailing wind coming through the Great Glen from the West, it is noted  for its mild climate, low rainfall and long hours of sunshine. Of  course, there are bad days, but rarely all wet ones, and many winter  visitors are pleasantly surprised. The area has long been favoured by  man: there are outstanding archeological remains, ruined abbeys and  cathedrals, historic castles and restaurants. Nairn itself has about  8,000 people with a lively town centre, though Inverness is only 15  miles away along the A96. The airport (Inverness/Dalcross) is closer at  only eight miles and currently there are air services from London  (Gatwick and Luton), Southampton, Bristol, Birmingham, East Midlands,  Manchester, Newcastle, Dublin, Belfast City, Jersey and Scottish  destinations, mainly islands. You can also rent a car at the airport. 



Nairn has its own train station on the  line from Inverness to Aberdeen, though main-line services with day and  sleeper trains from London terminate at Inverness. We are always please  to give advice on travel to and from our area.

There  is much to watch on the sea: regular appearances by dolphins, rich  seabird life, oil rigs going for servicing, cruise ships, cargo and  fishing boats and everything that's bound for the Caledonian Canal  across Scotland.

We  think you will have a great holiday. People come for beach holidays,  quiet, relaxing and to explore a district with an amazing amount to see  and do. Our guests are delighted with the airiness, great location and  general quality.



Well over half our lettings are repeat  business, many coming for years in succession, some for several visits  each year. Those who know the cottage and the local facilities  especially enjoy a short out of season break to keep in touch. Remember  that we often have superb late autumn and early spring weather, when we  can be empty. Keep an eye on the forecast and give us a ring.

A word of warning: many people find Nairn addictive.

Go to visitnairn.com to discover more about what to do and where to visit during your stay in Nairn.